What Makes Us Cxi?

We are cxi because of our rejection of the old ways of doing things.

We think that previous approaches have had their day and that there is a better way to deliver incredible IT service to twenty-first century enterprises.

This passionate belief originates from our unique way of looking at IT service work. The cxi worldview is most accurately described as a philosophy but we know that word puts a lot of you off so we prefer to say approach.

The approach has a name – trichromy – and it is based on research in the fields of work psychology, history of science and philosophy. However, you don’t need to worry about that, we’ve done all the heavy intellectual lifting so that you don’t have to!

One striking conclusion of trichromy is that IT organisations paint themselves into a corner as a result of the way that they currently operate. That particular nook is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the era of digital transformation. Fortunately, trichromy is an alternative modus operandi which goes beyond current methods to an IT service place we describe as incredible.

Please read about the trichromatic approach, and afterwards you can find out about ways in which it might be applied in IT service functions.