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We shape service organisations so that they deliver an incredible experience to their users and customers – a positive customer experience is a driver of value in countless ways.

We also educate organisations to be innovative in everything they do. And in the digital age, where speed is a necessity and disruption is always a threat, can you really survive without innovation?

We create these outcomes via our trichromatic approach to IT service. We will show you how to make this the powerful basis of your organisational change programme. See below for our transformative offerings.


starSeminar: Introduction To Trichomy

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce attendees to the trichromatic approach to IT service, and to change the way that an organisation thinks about service provision. The seminar also allows delegates to explore the reasons why traditional ITSM methodologies are becoming less relevant in the light of contemporary trends,  and what trichromy can do to keep customers and users delighted.

starWorkshop: New IT Service Principles for the Digital Era

The purpose of this two-day workshop is to equip attendees with deeper knowledge of trichromatic principles and techniques. The workshop includes an exploration of the thinking which underpins ITSM, and the reasons why this leaves the field vulnerable in the digital era. Delegates will also be introduced to research on human motivation as a important pre-requisite to the main topic area. The core of the workshop consists of a detailed description of each of the three elements of the trichromatic service organisation, as well as the important trichromatic concept of balance. Day two comprises of more practical learnings around organisational change, and ways to introduce trichromy into organisations using trust, principles, and the understanding of individual human values. 

The goal of both of these packages is to equip delegates with new organisational tools which enable continuous innovation, responsiveness and through these, an excellent customer experience.


Cxi also offers trichromatic advisory services to those contemplating, designing or delivering organisational transformation. This includes guidance and coaching that you won’t get from anyone else. There is a great deal of what out there – “change the culture”, “focus on the customer”, “be more responsive” – Cxi offers the how. We are work psychologists (BPS members) and service specialists who can guide your service organisation to great things. Please get in touch to learn more.


What They Say

Here’s what delegates have said in the past:

  • You are … smart … and probably years ahead” – David, management consultant/company founder
  • Not often I get to meet an IT-guy being a psychologist. I believe you’ve got something going there” – Johan, COO at a global organisation.
  • This guy is a genius” – James, IT conference organiser

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